Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Christmas

Christmas time, council is off now until early January.

My Best Wishes to everyone for the festive season, I look forward to hearing from you.
Cammy Day
Labour Councillor
Forth Ward

Monday, December 15, 2008


This Thursday - many local people and local projects will attned the Full Council in the City Chambers, to push for the administration to re-look at the savage funding cuts to the Forth Ward.

The report - see here, has been referred to council, as Jenny Daze, oops Dawe, and her Liberal/SNP colleagues cant quite decide what to do?!

Even in past Labour Administrations, ward councillors would fight tooth and nail to save local resources, , not any more,, we dont hear a peep from Cllr Morris or Cardownie on what they intend to do.

As your Labour Councillor - I will stand up for this unfair allocation, and flawed process!

Buggy Brigade

Happy Christmas - Buggy Brigade!

Today I was pleased to attend the Buggy Brigade at West Pilton Neighbourhood Centre - on their Christmas Party!

Was great to see so many young mums and kids having a great time - and well done to the mums who catered very well for kids and adults,, whilst I didnt have toime to wait for Santa, I did have time to nab a a jam piece! (sorry)

I look forward to viting the group again in 2009, and having more time to discuss the local issues raised.


I was pleased to see, despite the weather, Muirhouse Millenium Centre having an indoor car boot sale of goods.

Unfortunatley, despite 4 attemps to win a prize (and the only £4 with me) I failed to win a prize! despite attempts to bend the rules!!

It was a good opportunity for me to speak to more of the local residents, introducing myelf as the new couniillor in FOrth Ward, and hearing how well used the centre is - despite the 60% cuts announced by the Council Administration.

I was heartened to see that they wont go without a fight - and look forward to supporting their fight to save the Muihouse Millenium Centre

Friday, December 05, 2008

Surgery's and Contact!

As promised - here are my surgery detials - covering the full forth ward, long with my contact details. Please feel free to contact me regadring any local issue.

I will work alongside your MSP Malcolm Chisholm and your Member of Parliament Mark Lazarowicz to progress issues for this community.

My Surgeries are as follows;

First and third Wednesday of the month at 6pm in Muirhouse Millennium Centre and at 7pm in
Royston Wardieburn Community Centre.

Second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 6pm in
the Prentice Centre and at 7pm in Trinity Primary School.

You can also call me on 529 3281, or email me at; or write to me at;

City Chambers
High Street Edinburgh

Malmo Residents!

I was pleased to be invited to the Malmo residents association on Thursday evening (last night) , and welcomed by Ross Bell and the many residents who attended.

I hope that I can support the Residents Association with the many issues they raise..and look forward to working along side them!

More on the residents information can be found on their website - see link below.