Wednesday, April 07, 2010


On a lighter, but serious note - its now Election Time, our current and Future Prime Minister Gordown Brown, announcing the election to be on Thursday 6th May 2010, so we have 4 weeks to ensure Labour continues to invest in public services in the future, reduces the debt and created 100,000 new skilled jobs in the UK.

This election is about wether you want a Labour Government, or The Tories back?!

as they say,, the decision is yours!


Hey PEople....

Sorry ive been busy locally to update my blog,,, - but its time to blogon!

Whats been happening...

Well 2 schools closed affecting Forth Ward, (Royston and Fort) more LIB DEM / SNP cuts to schools, youth clubs and older peoples centres.. all slashed by your friendly SNP and Lib Dim Council.. but even better... your LIB DEM Councillor managed to stash £2 million of your money in the bank for her rainy day fund.. North Ediinburghs rainy day happened when the SNP and LIB FIB DEMS took over Edinburgh - and its been downhill since then!
£84 million was found to support developing Leith into the future, and good on Leith - but wheres the investment in Forth,,, gone - like the trams!!