Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blog brands LiB Dem,,oops SNP Morris 'charlatan'

.. Im glad to see the evening news reading my blog - and keeping up tp date with local issues,,,

however, to put the record straight, I was not the one who named Cllr Morris as a Charlatan of the highest order' (not to say i dont agree with some of the comments) this in fact came from an evening news reader online,,

access the story;

click here for full story and online comments

No Show SNP,,, this citys not for sale!!

A packed audience last night at meadowbank stadium, with local resident from Edinburgh East - fighting against the privitasation of council services..

Over 80 local residents attended this event, with the local lib dem Cllr Peacock, Cllr Cammy Day representing the Labour group - and no show from the SNP - despite repeated requests from the organisers, and a personal visit to Kenny MacAskills office - asking for Anyone from SNP to attend, they failed to attend, yet again.

Speakers from Black Triangle campaign group, spoke out on thier fears on local cuts to services - given the recent Care and Support fiasco, and CONDEM cuts in welfare benefits.. saying many disabled people are frightened to leave their home,,or unable to!

Privatisation of up to 4000 jobs, services run by private companies with no base in edinburgh, no democratic control, lack of information provided to elected members.. lack of transparency to trade unions - all comments made by the 80 strong audience.

UNISON, also in attendance - commented on their surprise at the speed of the process, and lack of democratic control - highlighting the criminal convictions and lack of transparency in the bidding process of some of the companies bidding... which not all elected members were advised of

Another meeting is planned for next week,,,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lib Dem Swingers

Todays evening news informed us that the LIB DEM's Forth Councillor -Elaine Morris - recently reported to standards commission for releasing confidential papers in public - and likely due to be struck off.. has swung her support and defected to the SNP (not the first forth Councillor to do this)

In the run up to election, its not unknown of Councillors to Jump Ship in the hope of being re elected.

Cllr Morris only last month voted for the £220 Million pound trams, but today says its bad news...

She added that the Lib Dems let down parents in the school closures,, but voted through every single one!!

evenings news comment ;

If she isn't willing to resign her seat and stand in a by-election the SNP should refuse to allow her into the party.

A charlatan of the highest order

read the full story here

Monday, July 18, 2011

17,000 to go in ARMY??

Tory Defence sec - Liam Fox - set to announce thousands of cuts to armed forces...

Speaking ahead of the announcement on the future of Scotland’s air bases, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland Ann McKechin MP said:

"The resilience, spirit and energy shown by both campaigns at Leuchars and Lossiemouth over the last nine long months has been remarkable.

"From start to finish the defence review has been conducted at reckless speed with George Osborne in the driving seat, fuelled by his desire to cut faster and deeper than is safe.

"After decades of loyal service to the RAF, the local communities of Leuchars and Lossiemouth are hugely dependent on the bases and I fear the consequences will be catastrophic if either of the bases is allowed to close.

"There has been much speculation about what would happen if the bases were to close, but these plans appear to be years not months away from implementation.

"If any Scottish base is to close then we must have a clear undertaking from the UK government that these communities will be treated fairly and an immediate action plan is put in place to support people locally.

"After years of loyal service to this county it would be a gross betrayal for the Tory-led government to now abandon these proud RAF communities."

SNP SECRET TAX FILES....Cough Up Salmond!

Scottish Labour has said it is time for "100 per cent public disclosure" of all files relating to the SNP’s plans to introduce a local income tax which are yet to be made public.

The SNP have repeatedly claimed, as recently as Thursday, all information relating to the impact of the policy was already in the public domain. That is not the case.

Labour also published a list of 10 questions the SNP must answer on their sudden decision to drop their publicly funded court action to block the release of this information.

Scottish Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Local Government, Michael McMahon MSP, said:

"The fact is it is still the SNP’s long-term goal to introduce a local income tax that will hammer hard-pressed families to the tune of £500 per year.

"The SNP claim that all ‘information is already in the public domain’ is utter nonsense. It isn’t. We need 100 per cent public disclosure of these secret SNP files so everybody knows exactly how much more Alex Salmond wants to tax every Scottish family already feeling the squeeze.

"We need to know exactly how much this cover-up campaign has cost hard-pressed taxpayers.

"If the SNP have nothing to hide then they should have problem immediately publishing all documents on the Scottish government website for all to see.

"Alex Salmond should not only apologise to for misleading the Scottish public about his plans to hike up tax bills but he should make sure the SNP pay back every penny of public money spent on this party political cynical cover-up campaign."