Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lib Dem Swingers

Todays evening news informed us that the LIB DEM's Forth Councillor -Elaine Morris - recently reported to standards commission for releasing confidential papers in public - and likely due to be struck off.. has swung her support and defected to the SNP (not the first forth Councillor to do this)

In the run up to election, its not unknown of Councillors to Jump Ship in the hope of being re elected.

Cllr Morris only last month voted for the £220 Million pound trams, but today says its bad news...

She added that the Lib Dems let down parents in the school closures,, but voted through every single one!!

evenings news comment ;

If she isn't willing to resign her seat and stand in a by-election the SNP should refuse to allow her into the party.

A charlatan of the highest order

read the full story here

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