Friday, June 26, 2009


Unbelievably!! Labours Leader in Edinburgh - Cllr Andrew Burns, was evicited from the chamber, by the SNP/Lib Dem adminstration... WHY?

Well, to read the full story click on Andrews link here basically - we caught them out, not providing the true and complete facts - yet we have them already!!

Today was a shambles, I thought the Lord Provost chaired these meetings but it seems to be who ever shouts loudest!

The unknown councillor up in the back benches who proposed this - didnt even know or understand what he was asking for?!!

This whole sad saga, brings the chamber into disrepute, this could have been clarified, then moved on - not into these draconian measures, its a blatant attempt to silence the true democratic voice of councillors who represent the people of Edinburgh!!

Well done to Andrew, keep exposing them!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


The schools closure report has just appeared on CPOL ... you can now find it here.Over a day after initial Press Coverage and the SNP/Lib-Dem Administration have finally released the report publicly.If you ask me, this all shows a complete and total lack of basic courtesy to the local communities involved in these proposed closures ... it's all about 'news management' instead of trying to involve those who matter most.Lets hope the communities affected don't forget about how they've been treated - as eventually they will be able to have their say on the current crowd running the city.

Ive yet to hear why Royston Primary School is on this new list - yet not on the provious one!?

And what will be done to support schools like Trinity Primary to cope with a huge increase in its intake??

I am keen to hear the SNP/Lib Dem councillors will be vocal in their views, on yet more cuts to Forth Ward!