Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blog brands LiB Dem,,oops SNP Morris 'charlatan'

.. Im glad to see the evening news reading my blog - and keeping up tp date with local issues,,,

however, to put the record straight, I was not the one who named Cllr Morris as a Charlatan of the highest order' (not to say i dont agree with some of the comments) this in fact came from an evening news reader online,,

access the story;

click here for full story and online comments

No Show SNP,,, this citys not for sale!!

A packed audience last night at meadowbank stadium, with local resident from Edinburgh East - fighting against the privitasation of council services..

Over 80 local residents attended this event, with the local lib dem Cllr Peacock, Cllr Cammy Day representing the Labour group - and no show from the SNP - despite repeated requests from the organisers, and a personal visit to Kenny MacAskills office - asking for Anyone from SNP to attend, they failed to attend, yet again.

Speakers from Black Triangle campaign group, spoke out on thier fears on local cuts to services - given the recent Care and Support fiasco, and CONDEM cuts in welfare benefits.. saying many disabled people are frightened to leave their home,,or unable to!

Privatisation of up to 4000 jobs, services run by private companies with no base in edinburgh, no democratic control, lack of information provided to elected members.. lack of transparency to trade unions - all comments made by the 80 strong audience.

UNISON, also in attendance - commented on their surprise at the speed of the process, and lack of democratic control - highlighting the criminal convictions and lack of transparency in the bidding process of some of the companies bidding... which not all elected members were advised of

Another meeting is planned for next week,,,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lib Dem Swingers

Todays evening news informed us that the LIB DEM's Forth Councillor -Elaine Morris - recently reported to standards commission for releasing confidential papers in public - and likely due to be struck off.. has swung her support and defected to the SNP (not the first forth Councillor to do this)

In the run up to election, its not unknown of Councillors to Jump Ship in the hope of being re elected.

Cllr Morris only last month voted for the £220 Million pound trams, but today says its bad news...

She added that the Lib Dems let down parents in the school closures,, but voted through every single one!!

evenings news comment ;

If she isn't willing to resign her seat and stand in a by-election the SNP should refuse to allow her into the party.

A charlatan of the highest order

read the full story here

Monday, July 18, 2011

17,000 to go in ARMY??

Tory Defence sec - Liam Fox - set to announce thousands of cuts to armed forces...

Speaking ahead of the announcement on the future of Scotland’s air bases, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland Ann McKechin MP said:

"The resilience, spirit and energy shown by both campaigns at Leuchars and Lossiemouth over the last nine long months has been remarkable.

"From start to finish the defence review has been conducted at reckless speed with George Osborne in the driving seat, fuelled by his desire to cut faster and deeper than is safe.

"After decades of loyal service to the RAF, the local communities of Leuchars and Lossiemouth are hugely dependent on the bases and I fear the consequences will be catastrophic if either of the bases is allowed to close.

"There has been much speculation about what would happen if the bases were to close, but these plans appear to be years not months away from implementation.

"If any Scottish base is to close then we must have a clear undertaking from the UK government that these communities will be treated fairly and an immediate action plan is put in place to support people locally.

"After years of loyal service to this county it would be a gross betrayal for the Tory-led government to now abandon these proud RAF communities."

SNP SECRET TAX FILES....Cough Up Salmond!

Scottish Labour has said it is time for "100 per cent public disclosure" of all files relating to the SNP’s plans to introduce a local income tax which are yet to be made public.

The SNP have repeatedly claimed, as recently as Thursday, all information relating to the impact of the policy was already in the public domain. That is not the case.

Labour also published a list of 10 questions the SNP must answer on their sudden decision to drop their publicly funded court action to block the release of this information.

Scottish Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Local Government, Michael McMahon MSP, said:

"The fact is it is still the SNP’s long-term goal to introduce a local income tax that will hammer hard-pressed families to the tune of £500 per year.

"The SNP claim that all ‘information is already in the public domain’ is utter nonsense. It isn’t. We need 100 per cent public disclosure of these secret SNP files so everybody knows exactly how much more Alex Salmond wants to tax every Scottish family already feeling the squeeze.

"We need to know exactly how much this cover-up campaign has cost hard-pressed taxpayers.

"If the SNP have nothing to hide then they should have problem immediately publishing all documents on the Scottish government website for all to see.

"Alex Salmond should not only apologise to for misleading the Scottish public about his plans to hike up tax bills but he should make sure the SNP pay back every penny of public money spent on this party political cynical cover-up campaign."

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Labour calls for full Public Enquiry to trams fiasco!

After 3.5 years of the Lib Dem/SNP council making a balls up of managing the Tram Project for Edinburgh.. Labour has called for a full enquiry into the continued mistakes and mismanagement fron this Administration

read full story from Labour Leader Andrew Burns here

edinburgh Tenants Federation AGM

last night (Friday) seen the annual General Meeting of the Edinburgh Tenants Federation..

a very good turn out from tenants reps from across the city - and some interesting constitutional motions discussed, won and defeated - showing ETF as lively as ever.

The AGM heard from convenor Betty Stevenson, and many of the ETF executive on key issues, Stair Cleaning, Stair Inspections, Anti Social Behaviour and of course - continued investment in affordable housing.

ETF this year has won many awards for their tenant support and advice over the years, in particluar for their Mental Health Awareness work - which is highly commended,,

The AGM was an enjoyable evening - sadly I had to leave before the Music and drinks started flowing,,,

As the only councillor who made an effort to attend - I look forward to the continued support with Edinburgh Tenants Federation and all of its members.

Cammy Day

Labour Group - Housing Spokesperson


Along With Malcolm Chisholm MSP and Cllr Lesley Hinds - I attended the recent local activists social history groups launch of the 'Never Give up' click here for NEN Story

This production , and the background to the report, is fantastic- I was so pleased to see such a high quality, with extensive content of the History of activism in Greater Pilton/North Edinburgh.

The DVD shows real storys of local activists fights - like the 2'and 6 that was to be put on rents many years ago! - kickstarting a campaign - no rent rise! Edinburgh currently has the highest rents in all of Scotland!

Local Activists, Anna Hutchison, Brian Eddington, Brain Robertson, Roberta Blaike introduced their report and DVD - introduced by Alex Wood, and our very own Dave Pickering. well kent face Mae Shaw welcomed the report, and the funding from this organisation - and will now be taking this to the next stage! The work was supported by the local CLD officers

This shows that North Edinburgh has real passion for its community, despite recent school closures, and loss of over £1million of funding - cut by the SNP/Lieb Dem council here in Edinburgh,,, I hope to see their campaining in the coming local council elections!

Well done to all those involved - I am very impressed with this report - and support activists to 'Never Give up'!!

Ask no Questions....

A surprisingly good turn out at the Forth Neighbourhood Partnership
Public Meeting at Telford College last night.

Local groups and organisations including Community Renewal, Libraries,
Granton Churches and North Edinburgh Arts took advantage of the Market
area to set out information stalls and showcase the range of services
available in the ward.

The aim of the meeting was to update on the regeneration projects in
the Forth Ward and the FNP team had pulled all the stops out to ensure
that a good selection of representatives from City Development, Land
owners and Housing Associations were in attendance to do just that.....

This was a well attended meeting – just disgraceful that no opportunity was given to the community, to ask public questions, in what is supposedly a ‘Public Meeting’. After being informed by the Lothian Health representative, that the reent reports of the long awaited Healthcare Partnership Centre have some truthm in that it may be postponed, redued in size – or indeed shelved (as reported in the evening news) !!!
No opportunity to ask any questions about this or the verly slow, to nil pace of investment in the Granton Waterfront.

If Neighbourhood Partnerships are to be successful, we need to be open and transparent, and not be shy or frightened to face the public, and respond to them !

I can only hope the next ‘Public Meeting’ whenever it may be – will have the opportunity for questions to be asked, and answered!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

St Auggies!

Met some pupils from St Augustines RC High School today - lots of questions about what we do, why we do it etc... they enjoyed a tour of the Council Chambers, some discussion - and some fine tea & cakes!

good to see the next generation of voters keen to see and hear (and grill) their elected members!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Further to my last blog, the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council faced a motion of no confidence today at Full Council over The Gathering, holding on by only 29 votes to 26! The QUALITY and CREDIBILITY of their oral evidence to a Parliamentary Committee had been called into question and a large number of councillors remained unsatisifed with the responses provided and lack of fulsome apology today by Dawe and Cardownie.

More revelations in the press this morning, before this afternoon's vote:-

This won't be the end of the matter no doubt and I was pleased to discover that even ward colleagues read my blog to see what is happening on this issue!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

City SNP & LieB Dem - not credible!


evidence given to the Scottish Parliament - Public Audit committee,, showed SNP Cardownie and Lieb Dem Dawe caught out - and no one can remember what was said?!?!?

full story here

full scottish parliament report here

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Well done to the many local people who are standing up to save the North Edinburgh News...

Sadly the SNP & LIB DEM COUNCIL - supported by your local tories,,, voted to cease funding the NEN!!

the fight continues!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Clegg told he's 'sold out' by students

Last week Nick Clegg gave an audience to a group of students who are angry at his about-turn on tuition fees. It may have been overlooked at the time - not least because Danny Alexander was busy sacking a spokesperson live on air - but it's worth watching

Sunday, February 13, 2011

FAIRER?? Scotland Fund

I was back on the case of the LibDem/SNP approach to the Fairer ?? Scotland Fund (FSF) at Council again this month!
As I reported before, the centralising of FSF means that local Neighbourhood Partnerships - ie local people! no longer have a formal role into important funding decisions in their local communities.
I was pleased to welcome local residents as well as community representatives from the North Edinburgh News (NEN) who made a great case for continuing funding for the NEN as part of a deputation to Council; watched on from the public gallery by some of our young people!
After hearing from the deputations I seconded the Labour Group Amendment rejecting the LibDem/SNP third party grant proposals and calling for a further report next month. In fact, had the opposition Labour Budget got through there would have been sufficient funding for all third party grants and FSF activities!!
The NEN already had massive funding cuts a couple of years ago but staff took a pay cut and a fantastic job has been done to generate advertising revenue from local organisations, BUT grant funding needed to be secured as well to keep the paper going! The paper is a great way for elected representatives from all parties to keep in touch with local people and a valuable source of local information and what's happening in our patch. Its closure will be a major loss for our community! Unbelievably, despite that... I was the only Forth Ward Councillor to oppose the funding cut. Says it all!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

100 days - 100 broken snp promises

Iain Gray said,,

In highlighting many of the SNP failed promises....

In less than one hundred days, Scotland will choose its course for the next one thousand days. I am standing to be First Minister and win this election because Scotland deserves better.

click here for more info

More LIE b DEM lies

Nick Clegg and David Cameron promised to rebuild the military covenant and improve pay and conditions....???
Last week, the government announced £250 million in cuts to Armed Forces Personnel Allowances, which will reportedly lead to an average £1,400 cut in the income of every member of the Armed Forces. From 1 May 2011, they’ll be cutting something from everything; from the Day Subsistence allowance to the School Children’s Visits allowance. Nothing remains untouched!

full story; click here

Friday, January 21, 2011

FID DEM Failings

Fib Dem collapse?

Not smiling now...?

More Lie'b Dem failings reported recently..

Further to my last posting....Maybe less than rock-bottom in Scotland. According to a poll today, support for the Liberal Democrats in Scotland has fallen by more than half since the last Holyrood elections! The party’s public opinion ratings have fallen by five percentage points over the last five months. This follows all their broken promises on manifesto commitments like tuition fees and VAT.

The LibDems’ five-percentage-point fall to a tiny 7% in Scotland, is also found in the regional list vote comparison with last August. Labour are well in the lead and the main beneficiaries.

However, I’ll continue working hard to put across Labour’s message locally and fight for local residents and businesses.

Full story:-

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Lib Dem support hits rock bottom


The Liberal Democrats faced a depressing start to the political year today, after a poll of polls revealed the party's support had hit rock bottom.

A weighted average of surveys from ComRes, ICM, Ipsos MORI and YouGov by the Independent put the party on just 11%, its lowest level since it was formed in 1988.

Nick Clegg became the most unpopular third party leader since David Owen led the Social Democratic party (SDP) in 1989.

Meanwhile, Labour retained a small lead over the Conservatives, on 40% compared to the Tories 38%.

If the results were repeated at a general election the Lib Dems would be reduced to 15 MPs from their current 57.

full story here