Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ed Miliband addresses conference!

Ed Miliband addresses conference, his background, and his vision for our country

to see the full speech - click here

Ed Miliband said this Labour generation will create;

a better economy for all
a society that values community and families
change how goverment works
change foreign policy - based on values! not alliances
a new politics.. for the country
a living wage for all...

a new generation has taken charge of labour
optmistic about our county
optimistic about our world
optyimisitc about the power of politics

together we will change britain

Monday, September 27, 2010

Macmillan Coffee Morning

I was pleased to be asked to open the 'Old Kirk' at Pennywell road - coffee morning in support of the Macmillan cancer support. click here for more info on Saturday 25th September

The day was also supported by some wonderful music and service from the All Nation Christian Fellowship International, many of whom are fijian nationals and current or former service personnel.
a short video, from my poor quality camera -

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today a new generation has stepped forward to change our party.

Labour party members and affiliates, elected our party leader, to take on the CON DEM Coalition yesterday.

With a close run race between the two Miliband brothers, im pleased we now have a result, and a great leader and that Ed Miliband will lead our party to success, I for one will be fully behind our new leader!

Ed pipped brother David by 1.3%, for the full voting results click here Ed Milliband - Labours Leader

commenting on his fantastic result - Ed said;

Ed Miliband said:

"Today a new generation has stepped forward to change our party. We are united in our mission to transform Labour so that, once again, we stand up for the hardworking majority who play by the rules and want a less divided and more prosperous Britain. I know we have a lot of work to do. The journey starts today."

if you want to get involved - log on to http://www2.labour.org.uk/home

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Community Festival

I have been keen to push forward our local community festival - showing the rest of the city - that North Edinburgh is a lively and great place to be! The Forth Neighbourhood Partnership, along with Pilton Community Health Project, Telford College, National Grid and EMERGE + many others have planned a great event for this weekend...Good discussions today in finalising the plans for the Forth Community Festival - to be held at ForthQuarter Park this saturday 25 September 2010, from 12-4 more info here

Lets hope the sun shines for another year of fun, bringing all the local agencies and community together!

More Rubbish...?

More complaints today fom local comunity representatives about the increase in fly tipping - as a direct result of the SNP/Lib Dem cuts, in abandoning free special uplifts! Now your welcome message is 'get you card ready to pay' when you call for an uplift

someone needs to remind them - it was your SNP/LIb Dem decision - now deal with the problem, not just blame officers!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Budget 'CON' sultation

you may have heard the recent shambles of the SNP/LIb Dems pathetic attempt at pretending to listen to the voters in a budget CONsultation! You can read more about this on Cllr Andrew Burns blog click here

The opportunity for people in the Forth and Inverleith ward is on Tuesday 5th October - I hope you can make it along - and let the Lib Dem /SNP shambles know your thoughts!!

The meeting is at Drylaw Parish Church - Groathill Road North map here at 7pm sharp!

Councillor Update - North Edinburgh News


Well as anticipated – the craigroyston school was burnt out as had been predicted! This school lay empty for a year and the Council took little action to speed things up! While the community centre is a great loss to the community, at least the site is now safe… plans for new 21century homes are progessing though the planning stages. Sadly current plans will mean the complete loss of the playing fields at ferry road - let me know what you think about that?

MMC 10th anniversary

I was delighted to attend the 10th anniversary of Muirhouse Millennium Centre. Many old and new faces came along, and spoke of the success of the centre and some of and some of its struggles, including a few old stories! Well done to the board

Granton/Royston residents association

A fun day was had by all at the event organised by Mitie to celebrate the end of the Councils kitchen and bathroom replacement programme in Granton Medway/Crescent. In addition many young people had the opportunity to train with Port of Leith Housings TOIL Project, and I am very pleased that Mitie have now taken them on permanently! The tenants and residents have put up with some inconvenience during the process, but with little concerns raised!

Victoria Park/Bangholm

I have had many discussions with council officers on what needs done to make Victoria Park a safer and more enjoyable park for everyone to enjoy. Increased police profile, youth streetwork teams, new lighting etc should help. At Bangholm its a disgrace we expect schoolchildren to take PE lessons in a park full of dogdirt.. I have demanded this and many other issues be acted upon now!

FSF Funding

Many local projects funding is under threat by the new allocation process set in place by the Lib Dem /SNP Council.

I have had meetings with the Forth Voluntary sector and other elected members to look at the best way forward to ensure we can continue to provide local services to the Forth Community.

Further discussions in September will inform what happens next – community groups should be aware that quite severe cuts from this council, may be coming! Please get in touch if this is an issue that concerns you.

New Telford Student Accomodation

The new accommodation on the corner of West Granton Road/Waterfont Avenue is now open. This provides student accommodation all year round – go and have a look! Excellent local accommodation for students.

Community Festival

This excellent event is due to take place on Saturday 25th September 12-4, at Forth Quarter Park behind telford college – the event, supported by the local neighbourhood partnership – is free, and offers fun and games for all the family – please support this event and come along