Wednesday, November 18, 2009

'DONT' Care & Support Services!!

Sad headline - yes, but even sadder, its true!

tomorrow 19/11/09, there are about 10 deputations, a record on one issue!! and this sadly being the SNP/Lib Dems lack of care and support to some of the most vulnererable in the city..

the full report , that goes no where near enough can be accessed here (care & support)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Read it and weep

Always glad to hear that opposition councillors in my ward enjoy reading my blog.. ;-)

fell free to comment - dont be shy!

Cammy Day

Labour Councillor

Forth Ward

Truth or not?

We hear that the back tracking SNP and Liberals have at last realised the stupidity of their proposals to freeze applications for Direct Payments - maybe they have some compassion after all?.. but...

What about all those who were told to wait until the tender was awarded to see if their existing provider had kept the contract? They haven't yet (or have only just) applied for a Direct Payment - are they to remain frozen? And - the rate of the Direct Payment will be all important ... if it's to be at the new contract rate, then that's going to be very, very different from the current rate (see paragraph 2.6 here).And one very important point needs to be remembered - if it wasn't for "our weird 25% rule" and the "student stunt" inflicted on the poor Finance and Resources Committee on the 27th October, this whole policy would have been approved there and then. Current Direct Payment applications would now be frozen - full stop.The whole sorry episode, and the appalling way its been politically managed, just underlines how crucial decent scrutiny is for any local democracy ...... and that democratic process needs to be defended, as its obvious to a blind-man that the current crop of politicians in charge would diminish - even further - the Opposition's ability to scrutinise their decisions at the slightest opportunity

shameful! here's what some of those affected had to say


Well done to Labours excellent candidate Willie Bain, who thrashed the SNP in the by election in Glasgow North East!!

As with my own by-election, LABOUR were the outright winners, and the Lib Dems trailed far far behind, this time losing their deposit! (see graph opposite)

Labour today scored its best ever result in a Scottish by-election in living memory - seeing an increase in our share of the vote and comprehensively beating the SNP.

The newly-elected Labour MP for Glasgow North East, Willie Bain, said: "This is a great day for Labour. It is an absolute honour to stand here as the new MP for Glasgow North East and say that this is a resounding victory for Gordon Brown and Labour. "This by-election has been about many things - most of all jobs and the economy. "The people have had a chance to have their say. They have backed Gordon Brown and his efforts to secure our economic recovery.
to read the full story click WILLIE BAIN WINS FOR LABOUR

Sunday, November 08, 2009

New Broughton High School

It was great at last to see the official opening of the new Broughton High School, where many young people from the Forth Ward atttend.

Well done to the Head Teacher, Lesley Johnston and her team for a great celebration, and to all of the pupils who took part in it! Well done

I was pleased to see one of Labours 34 schools being opened by the SFA Chief, Gordon Smith, and his confirming that state of the art, football academies will be built here at the school - another reason to celebrate.

I spoke to the Architect and was interesting to hear some of the complications along the way!

I hope this new school, will provide a state of the art teaching and learning facility for many years to come

West Pilton Children & Families Centre

You may have read that more cuts are on the cards for North Edinburgh.. not content with ripping £800,000 of local funding out, closing down the local community centre, proposing to close 2 local primary schools and cancelling the tram to the most needed part of the city,, there are now proposals to close West Pilton Children and Families Centre and merge into the new High School - now whilst that may be the best for some, its not for all,,, and where was the consultation?

Many parents have contacted me, and a great turnout locally showed the real concern at lack of any consultation on the proposals,, thankfully after pressure from Labour Councillors the parents are now fully involved in progressing plans, lets hope its a true consultation and not tick box excercise!

Carrie Mac

I was really pleased to have been invited to Carrie Mac;s launch of her debut solo album last week.. Carrie Macdonald, from Drylaw, recently won the Forth One to Watch award, and since then hasnt stopped on her path to success in the music industry.

For a taste of Carrie Macs top tunes, have a listen on her myspace page

of course - buy the album too!

Do they Care??

I mentioned the recent report on the award of contracts for the provision of Care and Support Services just last week ...... well, since that meeting last week myself, and many of my colleagues, are completely awash with correspondence from concerned service-users who are very, very vocally expressing serious worries about just what is taking place.Obviously yet another classic example of significant changes being poorly communicated ... I sense a lot of angry people may be present at the Full Council Meeting in a couple of weeks time

Doe sthis SNP/Lib Dem adminstration care for those most vulnerable in Edinburgh??