Friday, November 13, 2009


Well done to Labours excellent candidate Willie Bain, who thrashed the SNP in the by election in Glasgow North East!!

As with my own by-election, LABOUR were the outright winners, and the Lib Dems trailed far far behind, this time losing their deposit! (see graph opposite)

Labour today scored its best ever result in a Scottish by-election in living memory - seeing an increase in our share of the vote and comprehensively beating the SNP.

The newly-elected Labour MP for Glasgow North East, Willie Bain, said: "This is a great day for Labour. It is an absolute honour to stand here as the new MP for Glasgow North East and say that this is a resounding victory for Gordon Brown and Labour. "This by-election has been about many things - most of all jobs and the economy. "The people have had a chance to have their say. They have backed Gordon Brown and his efforts to secure our economic recovery.
to read the full story click WILLIE BAIN WINS FOR LABOUR

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