Saturday, June 25, 2011


Along With Malcolm Chisholm MSP and Cllr Lesley Hinds - I attended the recent local activists social history groups launch of the 'Never Give up' click here for NEN Story

This production , and the background to the report, is fantastic- I was so pleased to see such a high quality, with extensive content of the History of activism in Greater Pilton/North Edinburgh.

The DVD shows real storys of local activists fights - like the 2'and 6 that was to be put on rents many years ago! - kickstarting a campaign - no rent rise! Edinburgh currently has the highest rents in all of Scotland!

Local Activists, Anna Hutchison, Brian Eddington, Brain Robertson, Roberta Blaike introduced their report and DVD - introduced by Alex Wood, and our very own Dave Pickering. well kent face Mae Shaw welcomed the report, and the funding from this organisation - and will now be taking this to the next stage! The work was supported by the local CLD officers

This shows that North Edinburgh has real passion for its community, despite recent school closures, and loss of over £1million of funding - cut by the SNP/Lieb Dem council here in Edinburgh,,, I hope to see their campaining in the coming local council elections!

Well done to all those involved - I am very impressed with this report - and support activists to 'Never Give up'!!

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