Thursday, July 28, 2011

No Show SNP,,, this citys not for sale!!

A packed audience last night at meadowbank stadium, with local resident from Edinburgh East - fighting against the privitasation of council services..

Over 80 local residents attended this event, with the local lib dem Cllr Peacock, Cllr Cammy Day representing the Labour group - and no show from the SNP - despite repeated requests from the organisers, and a personal visit to Kenny MacAskills office - asking for Anyone from SNP to attend, they failed to attend, yet again.

Speakers from Black Triangle campaign group, spoke out on thier fears on local cuts to services - given the recent Care and Support fiasco, and CONDEM cuts in welfare benefits.. saying many disabled people are frightened to leave their home,,or unable to!

Privatisation of up to 4000 jobs, services run by private companies with no base in edinburgh, no democratic control, lack of information provided to elected members.. lack of transparency to trade unions - all comments made by the 80 strong audience.

UNISON, also in attendance - commented on their surprise at the speed of the process, and lack of democratic control - highlighting the criminal convictions and lack of transparency in the bidding process of some of the companies bidding... which not all elected members were advised of

Another meeting is planned for next week,,,

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