Friday, June 26, 2009


Unbelievably!! Labours Leader in Edinburgh - Cllr Andrew Burns, was evicited from the chamber, by the SNP/Lib Dem adminstration... WHY?

Well, to read the full story click on Andrews link here basically - we caught them out, not providing the true and complete facts - yet we have them already!!

Today was a shambles, I thought the Lord Provost chaired these meetings but it seems to be who ever shouts loudest!

The unknown councillor up in the back benches who proposed this - didnt even know or understand what he was asking for?!!

This whole sad saga, brings the chamber into disrepute, this could have been clarified, then moved on - not into these draconian measures, its a blatant attempt to silence the true democratic voice of councillors who represent the people of Edinburgh!!

Well done to Andrew, keep exposing them!!

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