Wednesday, April 07, 2010


On a lighter, but serious note - its now Election Time, our current and Future Prime Minister Gordown Brown, announcing the election to be on Thursday 6th May 2010, so we have 4 weeks to ensure Labour continues to invest in public services in the future, reduces the debt and created 100,000 new skilled jobs in the UK.

This election is about wether you want a Labour Government, or The Tories back?!

as they say,, the decision is yours!


Dayb4V said...

Where are you?? I'm Rannoch Road, Clermiston and have heard 0 from Labour during this entire campaign. I know Labour won't win this seat , but canvassing would've helped, esp with older lifelong Labour voters. I'm a socialist who became disillusioned with Labour over Iraq War and various other issues...but knowing where you stand on these issues would help! As it is, I'm likely going to vote tactically LibDem just in case the slimy Tories have made any inroads round here...Their candidate came to my door and went as far as to suggest LibDems were I'm guessing he's pretty far right;)

Dayb4V said...

Hello? U still ain't there;)

julie said...

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Cammy Day said...


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