Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Hey PEople....

Sorry ive been busy locally to update my blog,,, - but its time to blogon!

Whats been happening...

Well 2 schools closed affecting Forth Ward, (Royston and Fort) more LIB DEM / SNP cuts to schools, youth clubs and older peoples centres.. all slashed by your friendly SNP and Lib Dim Council.. but even better... your LIB DEM Councillor managed to stash £2 million of your money in the bank for her rainy day fund.. North Ediinburghs rainy day happened when the SNP and LIB FIB DEMS took over Edinburgh - and its been downhill since then!
£84 million was found to support developing Leith into the future, and good on Leith - but wheres the investment in Forth,,, gone - like the trams!!

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