Wednesday, February 04, 2009

January NEN update

Firstly I’d like to say well done to the North Edinburgh News, despite
a very difficult time, that they continue to struggle on to provide a
great local newspaper for North Edinburgh. I was very
disappointed to read Cllr McIvor’s column about the NEN. I’m sure
the NEN would be keen to expand, if the resources were made
available for this to happen... not really a possibility given they’ve just
had a 56% cut, in addition to the cut last year when the SNP/Lib
Dem Council cut the grant from Edinburgh Community Newspaper
Trust, in total a cut of approximately 75% to the NEN!!
There are no community project ‘Empires’ in North Edinburgh, and
if there are - I’d be keen to know where and visit them!!
Fairer Scotland Fund I am continuing to work with officers to look for alternative
funding streams, including Health, Police and Council resources to try
and save the local projects threatened by the cuts imposed on
them. These projects are essential for North Edinburgh, and I hope
the whole community will rally to support them.

17 Bus

A number of local people have been in touch about the 17 service
being cut. We have spoken with Lothian Buses, and they argue the
service is financially unviable. My Labour colleagues argued
against this cut, but it was pushed through. This loss is in addition to
the 32 being peak only - means a drastic reduction in buses serving
this side of the city!

Clean Green and Safe?

The state of the streets continues to be high on local people’s agenda.
Whether it’s dog fouling, broken glass in the parks, litter or general
neglect, as I am keen to hear more from local people if this concerns
you then please get in touch - details are as follows;

Contact details

My surgery details are: first and
third Wednesday of the month at
6pm in Muirhouse Millennium
Centre then at 7pm in Royston
Wardieburn Community Centre
Second and fourth Wednesday of
the month at 6pm in the Prentice
Centre then at 7 pm at Trinity
Primary (during term times only).
Phone; 529 3281
City Chambers High Street
Edinburgh EH1 1YJ


Just A Punter said...

Isn't it a fact that the Manager gets 30k a year. Dave Pickering their journalist who is not qualified earns 27k a year and their admin person is on 22k a year. These salaries are higher than the Edinburgh Evening News. Phone and check, I already have they were kind enough to supply it in writing.

Not bad for a newspaper that is a few pages once a month.

Can you please explain this. Those figures are not bad considering the current economic climate.

Just A Punter said...

No reply yet Councillor. In case you don't know the phone number of the Evening News it is 0131-620-8620 - ask for personnel.

Cammy Day said...

Just a Punter,

sorry I hadnt replied to this, been offline with my blog for a while.

The Board of North Edinburgh News are able to set salary scales as an independant organisation.

The organisation recieves Fairer Scotland Funding to deliver specific outcomes.

Should you wish to receive this information, please forward me your email or home address

thanks for getting in touch

Cammy Day