Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Royston Wardieburn/Stepping Stones

You may have heard the recent political decision by the Lib Dem /SNP administration to cut £1.7 million pounds from the long awaited new community centre and integrated services..

Well thats now back on hold, no one knows where it will go, what it will be.. another feasibility study to accompany the one already done?

Whispers hear that they may be no desire to build a new 'extension' at Royston School, as this Administration have not yet decided the next raft of school closures? Is this true? and what does this mean?

I have argued against this, and other cuts in full council, and neither Cllr Morris or Cllr Cardownie say anything to support resources for Forth Ward in North Edinburgh, are they happy to see more resources ripped out from under our feet,, seems like it!

Stepping Stones were told nothing of this, while Royston were told the day before the decison was made in Full Council,, disgraceful way to treat local communities who have fought for and won the right for this centre to be built!

Lets hope the rain keeps off, or we will see the kids catching the rainwater through the roof!


First Minister said...

Suprising how the decay in Royston has set in so quickly ollowing the SNP/Lib coaltion came to power Cammy. Having recently moved in to Wardieburn i cannot believe anyone will vote Labour in the future, parts of this area resemble Beirut.

Cammy Day said...

Well i think we all accept the work needs done urgently, whatever the administration party is. My point is a further 2 year delay, and now a budget cut to the project, isnt acceptable.

If you have concerns about anywhere in Wardieburn, id be keen to speak with you, please get in touch with me