Wednesday, December 22, 2010

UNFAIR to some!!

I was pleased to put forward an amendment at Full Council this month,,,looking for urgent discussions in relation to Fairer Scotland Funding.

The removal of the decision making authority from our local area to central officers goes against community planning and accountability. I tackled the LibDem/SNP Council on the lack of progress and clarity and the misleading timetables given to local projects ad to elected members.

Unfortunately while I won the support of the Green Group, the Forth community was let down by the other parties who voted ahgainst this course of action.. I will keep fighting to ensure future funding is properly discussed and that our area continues to be a priority investment for anti poverty funding and is NOT ignored by the LibDem/SNP Administration and their Unfair approach.

City of Edinburgh Council

Labour Amendment

Full Council Meeting

16th December 2010

Item 8.4 Transition from Fairer Scotland Funding

Recommendations 6.1

Delete recommendation ii and insert:

1 Council notes with concern the lack of progress and clarity provided to voluntary sector groups in the transition process from receipt of Fairer Scotland Funding throughout the city.

2 Council further notes that the removal of decision making authority from democratically elected local neighbourhood partnership boards, to central officer groups is not in the spirit of local community participation /planning.

3 Council further notes concerns about misleading timetables provided to funded projects on the timescales for investment/disinvestment.

4 Council deplores the broken promise to hold proper and detailed briefing and the additional bureaucracy requiring information in triplicate with an unrealistic deadline.

Delete v and vi and insert:

Council therefore instructs that:

1 Urgent/ Proper discussions between departments and individual projects be held to look at potential future funding.

2 Projects highlighted for disinvestment be brought to January’s Policy and Strategy committee.

3 Areas of multiple deprivation continue to be a priority investment for anti poverty funding

Proposed by Cllr Cammy Day

Seconded Cllr Ewan Aitken

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