Thursday, August 20, 2009

Refuge Collection

...Im sure you will all have experienced the effect of the ongoing dispute.

Unfortunately, the SNP/Lib Dems lack of ability to resolve this dispute for 2 months now, is not only leaving our streets in a state, but costing thousands more to council tax payers.

Unwisely, in a recent newspaper article, it was reported that Cllr Cardownie was telling bin collection workers that this would lead to our bucket collections service being privatised!!' click here for the full comment

Further to that the Lib Dem Councillor -said we shouldnt buckle 'when binmen get uppity!! This is the wrong message to send to council employees, involved in a dispute over changes to their pay and conditions

I was further surprised to learn that the Lib Dem leader has opnly managed to make ONE meeting with the trade union to discuss this!

I urge our SNP/Lib Dems to stop dancing around the edges, meet with the Trade Unions and offer the right package to allow return to normal service

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