Monday, August 31, 2009

Royston Parents Fury

School Property Review = CUTS (click here for doc)

I attended a meeting on thursday night - organised by the Royston Primary School Parent Council, attended by around 100 local people, parents, children and community reps. It was great to see the lady who was the first pupil back in 1937, supporting the local campaign, and speaking highly of the school

MArk Lazarowicz MP and Malcolm Chisholm MSP spoke out in support of the school, and how this flies in the face of the SNP Governments policy to reduce class sizes to 18 - cant be done, and wont be done, another failed promise!

I was impressed at how organised the Parent Council have been, gaining local support, support of local businesses, raising eswsential funds and showing that Royston is a not only a school, but a fantastic resource in the heart of a community.

Unfortuntely our local SNP and LIbral Democrat Councillors failed to attend the meeting, and show any support what so ever to the parents,, lets see how they vote?!?!?

The Parent Council will have the opportunity to speak at the Education, Children & Families meeting on Tuesday 8th September at 9am(surprisingly at the same time they should be putting kids into school - deliberate? - never!?)

There will be another opportunity at a council organised meeting for parents, this will take place on 23 September at Royston Primary from 7-9pm and on 30 September at Telford College from 7-9pm.

Come along - say your piece!

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