Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Local Priorities

Very busy weekend coming up - the last one before Polling Day, which is now only 7-days away!

A further Labour leaflet is being distributed around the Ward over the coming few days, and it contains my own 'Local Priorities':

  • Environment: Forth is a mess - weeds on the pavements, graffiti, dog dirt, neglected parks. I will not accept this standard for Forth and will work hard to make a difference in all areas.
  • Road Works: I will demand co-ordination and speedier work, so that traffic can flow.
  • Housing: I will fight to make sure Pennywell, Royston and Wardieburn are top of the list for regeneration.
  • Crime: I will fight to get more police on the beat to help tackle local crime.
  • Education: This is a Labour priority. Nursery provision for all, small class sizes in primary schools and making sure every young person succeeds at school to go into work, training or further education.
  • Sport: Labour is committed to protecting sports centres - vital for the health of young and old.

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