Thursday, October 09, 2008

School budget cuts hurting

As if just to emphasise the point in my last post - having looked through the dozens of 'feedback -forms' from our campaign leafletting so far, its clear that local residents have local services as their main concern also.

It has to be said, that 'school services' (or the diminution of them) is a theme that keeps coming through. Hardly surprising (sadly) when you consider the decisions of the 2008/09 SNP/Lib-Dem Council budget:
  • every Primary and Secondary school was forced to take a 1.5%-2.0% budget cut
  • that amounted to at least a £10,000 reduction per average Primary School
  • at least a £10,000 reduction per average Special School
  • and at least a £50,000 reduction per average Secondary School

These cuts are clearly having a serious and negative impact on young people and families across the Forth Ward.

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