Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Safe in your community!

Cammy Day welcomed Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to the Pilton Community Mediation Service recently.

Cammy was welcomed by Tracey Stewart-Kellagher, a local woman who has been employed for some time now to lead on innovative projects around community mediation, which has seen referrals from the city council, the police, and self-referrals rise dramatically.

Jacqui Smith commented:

"Asbos provide a way to stop groups engaging in antisocial behaviour from making the lives of other people a misery, but there also has to be work by projects like this to intervene early before it starts. "The fact that it's based here in the community means it's also easier to engage young people."

Tracey - who's project has not been able to receive council funding due to the SNP/Lib Dem administrations cuts to the voluntary sector commented:

"These kids were never given a voice before. They've become used to simply being shouted at. The kids from Pilton and Muirhouse actually came to us looking for help to resolve their issues."

LABOUR's Forth by-election candidate Cammy Day who hosted the visit, said:

"The Community Mediation Service is a fantastic resource. Supporting parents and families to resolve problems before getting into serious conflict, which usually results in police or housing taking enforcement issues. The Community Mediation Service is further complimented by the range of services on offer from the Pilton Community Health Project, like Barri Grubb, Women Supporting Women and 'smoking cessation' to name a few - all of which are likely to suffer at the hands of the LIB DEM/SNP cuts to be imposed in the coming weeks. I will fight to save these local services!"

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