Friday, November 21, 2008

Full Cooncil!

Yesterday saw my first ever full council meeting and maiden speech(s)!!

I was proud to be welcomed by my Labour Group colleagues, and to the Lord Provost and Leader for welcoming me, and grateful to the many positive comments from some of the citys political groups, and individual members

I was able to ask impportant question on the future investment of the new Royston Wardieburn Community Centre, and any likelyhood of investment in Granton Primary School.. the answers from the Liberal Convener - wishy washy to say the least, no start date, no contacts and no clue!

I also questioned the LIB DEMs on the Fairer Scotland (UNFAIR SCOTLAND FUND) and aksed to meet with the leader to look for ANY way of saving projects in the Forth Ward from closure - after repeatedly asking the question - she refused - I can only presume the Liberal Democrats are happy to see projets closed, and jobs lost - not what i call fairer scotland!!

I also put a motion up calling for projects to be goiven fair opportunity in mainstreaming and this was refused by the Liberal Democrat Lord Provost

Very dissapointing to see a casting vote used to close 3 schools - I hope the administration are proud

A long day for all - something im sure we need to get used too..

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