Friday, November 07, 2008


Thank you so much to every single person who took the trouble to vote yesterday.

I'm obviously delighted that a Labour Councillor has now been returned to represent the Forth Ward once more.

And I give an absolute assurance that I will do my utmost to represent the needs of this area to the very best of my ability. I will do everything I can to repay the trust that local voters have placed in me, and in Edinburgh Labour.

Can I also say thank you to all the other candidates who stood in this election, for a hard-fought but even-tempered local campaign.

A short rest now, and then the really hard-work starts!


Holyrood Patter said...

Well done from a dissapointed SNP member!
By all accounts your campaign was well managed and I hope you continue your blog as a councillor not just a candidate
All the best

Cammy Day said...

thanks for your comment!

Ill be trying my best to keep this up to date!

Cammy Day